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         SILVER LININGS:                                            A Wise Perspect ive in this

                                                                    Time of Pandemic

          Bro. Post. Jomar G. Espelita

               HE  COVID-19  PANDEMIC          have to face our  fears to gain      resiliency come from? It comes
               has put  the world  in a        such perspective.                    from our  hope  that  after  this
          Tdreadful        situation   as                                           pandemic,  a  more secure and
          millions  of people around           What are some  possible  silver      better  future  is ours to  seize.
          the world have been infected         linings that we can find from the    Maybe some  people may ask,
          with  the  viral  disease, causing   pandemic we experience? Here         “Where can we find hope in this
          a  death  toll that  breached        are some few perspectives to         desperate time?” Psalm 31 tells
          a  devastating million  mark.        ponder upon.                         us:  “Be of  good  courage,  and
          Every day the number of cases
          is increasing  alongside  the        COVID-19 creates  a  sense  of        “Therefore we do
          worsening situations and rough       hope  in us.  Being isolated for
          changes  in all aspects of life.     months might be  distressful.           not lose heart,
          The fear  of contracting  the        But this isolation can  become
          viral  disease induces a  feeling    meaningful if we start to look
          of despair worsened by the           for whatever benefit we can gain       but though our
          negative mental effects of being     from it. Just as the appearance
          home quarantined for months.         of  the rainbow after the great          outer man is
                                               flood, we have something to be
          With all these desolations we        hopeful for after this pandemic.         decaying, yet
          experience, can we still find the    It is natural to feel anxious, but
          silver  lining amidst this crisis?   there are people who, in spite of     our inner man is
          Silver linings are sometimes hard    dangers, throw out their fears
          to find, but once found they give    and  separateness and  make
          us a prudent way of looking at       this crisis  a moment to inspire        being renewed
          life’s  circumstances, especially    hope and develop a sense of
          now  that  fear  and  stress afflict   solidarity.  Our  burgeoning           day by day.”
          us. Wisdom is required for us to     desire for togetherness  can
          see  through the good upshots        also be  our  way  to  give  hope
          from bad experiences. But we         to others. Where does our               2 Corinthians 4:16
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