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God shall strengthen our heart, all of us who hope in the Lord” (Psalm   we lose time to even think and
          31:24). It is good to consider the pandemic as an instrument for us to   breathe. The fixation we have on
          be more hopeful in the Lord. For if we hope in Him, we will never grow   this matter leaves us no time for
          weary no matter what happens.                                          ourselves. Now that we are away
                                                                                 from  them,  it  is our  chance  to
          Responses to  COVID-19  enkindle  genuine solidarity.  Many            be with ourselves and do things
          countries  are promoting inclusive solutions corresponding to the      that are actually beneficial to us.
          needs of all. This universal crisis affecting all humanity also requires a   There are lots of activities we can
          universal solution by all humanity. Government agencies are not alone   do such as planting,  exercising,
          in providing possible solutions. Non-government organizations, and     reading  good  books,  engaging
          even individual persons, also endeavor  to respond to the  needs of    in sports, learning expressive arts
          their fellow citizens. Although the range of numerous scarcities looms,   and crafts, spiritual nourishment,
          many  people  are  working  tirelessly to  provide  support  to  the  most   and the like. These activities not
          exposed communities by directing resources to where they are needed    only help us cope with stress,
          the  most. Such solidarity  is needed  not  only  in times of pandemic   but  they  also  help  us maintain
          but also in every situation we are into. It is an essential part of our   our  mindfulness and  physical
          belonging to a community. This sense of interconnectedness is actually   fitness. “Therefore  we  do  not
          our true nature as human person living communally. This pandemic is    lose heart, but though our outer
          helping us foster that togetherness we rarely achieve in society under   man is decaying,  yet our  inner
          normal circumstances. Our mutual feeling of connection surpasses all   man is  being renewed day by
          adversities and fears brought  by  the  pandemic.  Hence,  despite our   day” (2 Corinthians 4:16). Instead
          fears we  can  still “put  on  love,  which  binds everything  together  in   of losing heart because of the
          perfect harmony” (Colossians 3:14), for it is in loving one another that   pandemic, let us rather take this
          we come to bind as one.

          COVID-19  brings out the  best in  humanity.  Since the pandemic
          started, many exaggerated negative news have cause people to feel           Wisdom is
          disheartened. Months have passed but these kinds  of news never
          cease to exist. However, if we just focus on the adverse news fed by       required for
          the media, we will only absorb negativity. Why do we not try to hear
          positive stories of collective effort related to our situation, stories that   us to see
          would definitely inspire us, stories that would move our emotions
          positively. The best example we can look into are the stories of people    through the
          working as health care workers and frontliners who risk their own lives
          to save others’ lives. Their unwavering dedication and acts of sacrifices
          tell stories of charity, hope and love. With all these positive news,    good upshots
          it seems that dark times like this give us the chance to express the
          best in ourselves. Indeed, “there is a time for everything and a season      from bad
          for  every  activity  under  the  heavens” (Ecclesiastes 3:1).    I think  this
          pandemic might be the right time for us to be at our best. If this has    experiences.
          not brought the best in us yet, maybe it is time for us to look for ways
                                                                                         But we
          to do something good to make things a little better.

          Quarantine can  be a  time to practice personal wellness.  The            have to face
          experience of being home quarantined for months may have caused
          a great deal of stress for us and we have no choice but to follow this
          mandatory policy. It is pretty normal to get bored and agitated, but       our fears to
          being stuck in these emotions will not help us cope to the growing
          stress we feel, and in turn, we might just end up miserable. Nevertheless,   gain such
          we can actually use the time to do things that help us get away with
          stress and achieve physical and mental wellness. Think about the time      perspective.
          before the  quarantine  started.  We  are  so preoccupied with  matters
          concerning our work, academics, career, and many social activities that
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