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The mere fact

                                                                                         that we are

                                                                                      facing the new

                                                                                        normal, let it

                                                                                       be the way to

                                                                                     empower the old

                                                                                    normal and to set

                                                                                      up for a better


           officials have been supportive       with students’ online learning       major   concerns:    internet
           in  the  distribution.  These        knowledge,  skills,  resources,      connectivity, and the issue of
           instructional  packages  are         and  preferences as they  also       the curriculum and educational
           picked  up  by  parents  or          adjust to online learning.           resources that have to be
           students at the designated           Teachers must be mindful that        adapted  for  use  to  adjust  to
           area,  day  and  time.  On  the      the chosen strategy  might           new normal education. Access
           other hand, higher education         have  been  easy  to  some but       to   educational    materials
           institutions  have sought to         might be difficult to others.        through  the internet is not
           use technology  and  offer                                                worth much if the internet
           online classes and  learning         Another     challenge    that        itself is inaccessible due  to
           experiences  as a  substitute        triggered the situation is           lack  of service or  network
           for in-class  time  or face-to-      when students and even               infrastructure. Be it through
           face classroom situation. It         teachers    have    unstable         provisions    for    budget,
           is true  that  the choice of an      internet connection. It is           equipment,  and  commercial
           online   teaching    platform        then important that teachers,        access   to   the    internet,
           is also important.  Learning         aside from their  own  need,         much has to be done  to
           materials   and     resources        must know  and  understand           improve digital connectivity
           have  been  posted  to  update       the stability of the students’       throughout the country.
           students in different learning       internet  connections.  Extra
           tasks. Professors are expected       effort is important  to reach        Teaching  under  the new
           to provide knowledge in              students,  as they  cannot           normal is not that  easy.
           an     environment     where         join  synchronous     classes.       Technological advancement or
           students can be comfortable          On  the  other  hand,  teachers      knowledge that advances the
           in  learning.  But  for  those       can also be affected by the          understanding of technology
           who  are used to teach in            poor internet connection.            has been  exercised well in
           the  traditional  manner,  the       Thereby, students miss  out          teaching  though,  but  there
           platform itself might cause          essential discussions  when          are  still some considerations
           confusion to either the teacher      the signal is weak but instead       to take. The mere fact that we
           or  the  students.  Hence,           given  asynchronous  learning        are facing the new normal, let
           the new normal is the time           activities to work on.               it be the way to empower the
           for teachers  to learn other                                              old normal and to set up for a
           platforms too and  balance it        It all boils  down to two            better normal.
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