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Joseph Marello Youth

                          in  the New  Normal

                                                    Ms. Ermelita O. Kasilag

                        “The distractions of the world tend to neutralize in us the heavenly feeling of love.
                  They place in its stead the personal spirit based on the selfish instincts we inherit from nature.
               Our ministry, on the contrary keeps constantly before our eyes the most splendid examples of self-
                    denial and love, beginning with the God-Man who sacrificed Himself as a victim of love,
                                      down the unknown little woman who offers to God
                                   her humble prayer of intercession for her sinful brethren.”
                                                       St. Joseph Marello

                     NE OF THE BEST THOUGHTS  of our              online programs, prayer, and online spiritual
                     Founder,  St.  Joseph  Marello, which        and  liturgical activities. One  of my best
             Oinspires me to continue the mission                 realizations in this pandemic is to focus on the
              entrusted  to  me even  in the  midst of  the       essential.
              pandemic is that of self-denial and love.  While
              many of us are still holding on to the hope of      After several months of lockdown, we realized
              the normalization of everything back to the         that we need a strategy to create new activities
              situation  we  were  into  before  the  pandemic,   that will help us reach the young ones who are
              others are already adjusting and adapting to        part of the vulnerable sectors. In this challenging
              the new normal. Perhaps our reality before          time, we opted to find new opportunities for
              might not return anymore but the good thing         evangelization, fellowship, communion  and
              is that  we  have  resilience to  overcome this     formation.
              situation. Our desire to serve must not be
              extinguished just because the situations are        Honestly, the initial planning stage was one of
              altered.                                            the hardest parts of the process before we had
                                                                  our  online activities. Gathering  youth  leaders
              Before  the  advent  of COVID-19,  Joseph           thru online meetings, preparation of proposals
              Marello Youth  Council (JMYC)  successfully         and good internet connections were the basic
              held Kapatiran  Kay Marello in Central  and         considerations. Added to these considerations
              North  Sectors. We were also in the  process        were stress, depression  and  lack of purpose
              of preparing for Kapatiran kay Marello in the       that some JMY leaders experienced along the
              South Sector and Survival Youth Camp to be          way. We were not spared even if we already
              held in Iloilo City but all of these plans were     belong  to the  ministry.  But even if we are
              dropped because of the lockdown.  We have           shaken and broken, God allows us to grow and
              been on lockdown for several months, but this       to be molded as persons with deep sense of
              should not hinder our mission to serve Him.         purpose and commitment.

              We were not prepared for this kind of ordeal.       We have carried out new activities that fulfill
              Most of us just stayed at home and were not         our purpose and mission such as the Seven Last
              allowed to go out. We spent our time mostly         Words JMY Edition, Virtual Rosary, Novena to
              with our family in indoor sports and hobbies,       St. Joseph Marello and a monthly meeting via
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