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closely the Divine Master by the observance of the  ourselves to the following apostolates as indicated by
         Evangelical Counsels  [in the] House of St. Joseph”  our Constitutions: youth apostolate, parish apostolate,
         (OSJ  Cons. 3).  These words from the  Constitutions  missionary  apostolate,  social apostolate,  Josephite-
         solidify the Congregation’s commitment to serve the  Marellian apostolate,  and  sharing  of the  spiritual
         interests of Jesus like St. Joseph as lived by St. Joseph  patrimony. These apostolic charisms  empower us  to
         Marello. The charism of the Congregation therefore is  live out St. Joseph’s activity as exemplified by St. Joseph
         the continuation of the legacy of St. Joseph Marello’s  Marello.
         imitation of the poor, humble and chaste Christ in the                     PART III
         way of St. Joseph.                                        SCHEMA OF THE JOSEHITE-MARELLIAN
         The  Spirituality-Apostolate  of the Oblates  of St.
                                                                                The Trinity Loves Us
         Faithful to the Congregation’s charism, each Oblate
                                                                                    Holy Spirit
         actualizes this gift by their way of life (spirituality) and
         their way of service (apostolate). On one hand, our
         spirituality, or our response to the commandment
         of Jesus to love God with our whole being, is deeply
         rooted  in the  interiority  and  activity  of St.  Joseph   Spirituality   St. Joseph     Apostolate
         as discovered by the Founder. The said connection          (We Love God)   The Church  (We Love Our Neighbors)
         justifies the term “Josephite-Marellian Spirituality.” On
                                                                                  St. Joseph Marello
         the other hand, our apostolate, or our response to       St. Joseph’s                         St. Joseph’s
         the commandment of Jesus to love our neighbors as         Interiority                          Activity
         ourselves, is anchored on the said spirituality, that is,               Josephite-Marellian
         to work in the vineyard of God “hidden and silently                         Spirituality
         active” like St. Joseph. Since charism is actualized by
         spirituality-apostolate, the fruit of such actualization is   Prayer Life                  Community Life
         the congruence between spiritual charism (Josephite-     Spiritual Charisms              Apostolic Charisms
         Marellian   Spirituality)  and  apostolic   charism
                                                                                 Oblates of St. Joseph
         (Josephite-Marellian Apostolate). By and large, since
                                                                               Poverty, Chastity, Obedience
         these two are just two sides of the same coin, they can
         be unified and therefore be understood as Josephite-                 Josephite-Marellian Family
         Marellian Spirituality.
                                                                                For The Glory of God,
                                                                           For The Building-Up of the Kingdom
         The Spiritual Charism of the OSJ
         As we profess the  evangelical  vows  in the  context   CONCLUSION
         of community life nourished  by  prayer  life, our   Because we are loved  by  God,  He sends charisms
         relationship  to  God  is anchored  on  the  following   (gifts) to us through St. Joseph Marello who was always
         virtues cultivated by St. Joseph Marello in his following   inspired by the discipleship of St. Joseph. As a response
         of Christ by imitating St. Joseph: union with God, total   to this love, we in turn love God manifested by our
         dedication to the interests of Jesus, abandonment to   Josephite-Marellian Spirituality  and  love  our  neighbor
         the Divine Providence, hidden and silently active life,   as we love ourselves manifested by our apostolate. By
         humility,  hard  work,  strong  family spirit as  lived  by   willfully owning St. Joseph’s style of silence and work,
         the Holy Family, living the ordinary life extraordinarily,   St. Joseph Marello resolved to follow the footsteps of
         and whatnot. These spiritual charisms empower us to   Christ by  imitating St.  Joseph.  The  maxim “serve the
         live out St. Joseph’s interiority as exemplified by St.   interests of Jesus like Joseph” is the Founder’s way of
         Joseph Marello.                                      glorifying God. As members of the Oblates of St. Joseph
                                                              in particular and as leaders of the Josephite-Marellian
         The Apostolic Charism of the OSJ                     Family in general, we ought to glorify God the way St.
         As we profess the same evangelical vows, our Founder   Joseph Marello glorified Him.
         “wished [us] to be ‘apostles outdoors’ (Brevi memorie
         28) and to bring Christ to the world following ‘[our]   References:
                                                              Aumann, Jordan. 1982. Spiritual theology. Manila: University of Santo Tomas.
         exemplar St. Joseph who was the first on earth to  Catholic Culture. 2020. Apostolate. Retrieved 26 November 2020 from https://
         look after  the  interests of  Jesus’ (Letter  83)”  (OSJ
                                                              Ott, Ludwig. 1962. Fundamentals of Catholic dogma (5th ed.). Translated by
         Cons. 59). Faithful to the Founder’s wish, we commit         Patrick Lynch. Dublin: Cahill & Co., Ltd.
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