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Religious Life

                  Faithful to the charism of  their Founder, the Oblates of Saint Joseph are called to reproduce in their
                    lives the mystery of Christ as lived  by Saint Joseph. In this way they fulfill the invitation of Saint
                   Joseph Marello to "follow closely the Divine Master by the observance of the Evangelical Counsels
                  [in the] House of Saint Joseph (Letter 108). Withdrawing therein with the resolve to remain hidden
                     and silently active in imitation of that great Model of a poor and obscure life, they will have an
                  opportunity to become a true  disciple of Jesus Christ (ibid)." In their lives they are to be continually
                  inspired by their Patron, "who always had his eyes fixed on the Divine Exemplar, whom the Eternal
                     Father mercifully willed to send into the world to teach us the way to heaven (Rules of 1892)."

                                          OSJ C ONSTITUTIONS, ART. 3
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