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                                                                              Oblates of Saint Joseph-Philippine Province
                                                                              Josephite-Marellian Commission
                                                                              Rev. Fr. Jayson D.C. Endaya, OSJ
                                                                              Rev. Fr. Alfie A. Polistico, OSJ
                                                                              Rev. Fr. Alfie A. Polistico, OSJ
                                                                              Bro. Amiel Joseph B. Sevilla, OSJ
                                                                              Bro. Jim Brent B. Lacdao, OSJ
                                                                              Rev. Fr. Wilfredo F. De Mesa Jr., OSJ

                                                                              Layout and Design
                                                                              Bro. Post. Giovanni M. Lagura
                                                                              Bro. Jim Brent B. Lacdao, OSJ
              I. RELIGIOUS LIFE                                               Rev. Fr. Alfie A. Polistico, OSJ
                                                                              Bro. Amiel Joseph B. Sevilla, OSJ
                                                                              Mrs. Corazon D.C. Hernandez
             To be Loved and To Love: Understanding      5
                   the Josephite-Marellian Spirituality                       Bro. Post. Emerson H. Patulot
                                                                              Ms. Ermelita O. Kasilag
           Joseph, Protector of the Blessed Sacrament    8                    Rev. Fr. Glenn Andrei B. Baes, OSJ
                                  (Exemplar of Priests)                       Bro. Jim Brent B. Lacdao, OSJ
           In Memoriam: Rev. Fr. Napoleon Jinon, OSJ 10                       Bro. Post. Jomar G. Espelita
            In Memoriam: Rev. Fr. Alfredo R. Piad, OSJ 11                     Bro. Nov. Kim Kiel B. Olvido
              II. APOSTOLIC LIFE                                              Bro. Post. Mario D. Esguerra
                                                                              Rev. Fr. Nelson O. Osorio, OSJ
             Joseph Marello Youth in the New Normal 13                        Rev. Fr. Regie D. Piad, OSJ, PhD

                          Teaching in the New Normal     15                   Technical Assistants
                     Finding the Silver Linings: A Wise   18                  Sem. Deryl Aeron S. Blanco
                 Perspective in this Time of Pandemic                         Bro. Christian Jay O. Embad, OSJ
                         Education in the New Normal 20                       Ms. Christine Anne T. Punzalan
                                     An Interview with   23                   Ms. Ledith C. Aborot
                         Rev. Fr. Nelson S. Osorio, OSJ                       Ms. Vivian Monica Paz C. Inabayan
              III. FORMATION

                  Province Accepts 14 New Postulants 27
       St. Joseph Province Accepts Nine New Novices 28
                         Three Brothers Professed the    29
                   Evangelical Vows for the First Time
         Four OSJ Brothers Ordained to the Diaconate 30
                    The New Ratio in the New Normal 31
              Iv. governance

       Affratellarsi: Living Together as Brothers and Sisters 35
               To You O Blessed Joseph: Letter for the   38
                Conclusion of the Year of Saint Joseph
                                                                                           ABOUT THE COVER
                                                                                The cover features an image of St. Joseph working
                                                                                while gazing heavenward. His actions are a source
                       The Marellian Today is the official journal              of hope for us to lead our lives patiently in the age
                        of the Oblates of Saint Joseph - Philippine             of the new normal: to work hard and pray even
                           Province. It is run by the editorial staff           harder. As members of the  Josephite-Marellian
                          holding office at Santuario de San Jose,              Family, we are called to imitate the hopeful
                             Greenhills East, Mandaluyong City.
                                                                                actions of the virginal father of Jesus as we strive
                                        (02) 725 2044                           to serve His interests in this seemingly new world
                                                       of ours. May our works and prayers be a shining
                                           light to all so that they may find God’s hope in this
                                                                                time of pandemic.
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