Sodalicium Laicale Iosephinum-Marellianum

SLIM is acronym of Sodalicii Laicalis Iosephini Marelliani or Association of Josephite-Marellian Laity. It is the umbrella organization of all lay people who wish to observe the Josephite-Marellian spirituality as lived by St. Joseph Marello founder of the congregation of the Oblates of St. Joseph.

In the Philippines, SLIM comprises three federated OSJ lay organizations namely: Federation of OSJ Cooperators, Custos and Federation of OSJ School Alumni Associations.


The Josephite – Marellian Laity is:

Christian because they want to follow closely the Divine Master and make themselves true disciples of Jesus Christ;

Ecclesial because they belong to the church and the service oh the churches;

Missionary because they take care all places the “interests of Jesus” in the spirit of St. Joseph Marello; and

Josephite because next to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the intercession of St. Joseph to Jesus is most secured.


The members of the Association commit themselves to live their Christian vocation:

In their personal life with faithfulness to their baptismal and confirmation promises, with exemplary Christian conduct, aware of the Lord;

In their society, performing in a decisive manner their profession and social-political duties, in order to contribute to the formation of a society that supports legality, peace and solidarity, based on the social teaching of the church. The members placed themselves in the cultural and political processes, characteristic of the Josephite-Marellian spirit;

In the Church, remembering the words of the servants of God, pope John Paul II, addressed to the Oblates, speaking at the conclusion of the XIV General chapter in 2008 (“In order to respond to the modern exigencies of the evangelization, it goes always indispensable the collaboration of the Laity” (part of John Paul II’s statement to the Oblates). ; and

In co-responsibility with the Oblates, not only in making themselves available to carry out activities but also a sharing in the choices and in the management of fundamental pastoral activities in its various dimension.

Federation of the OSJ Cooperators



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