Sodalicium Laicale Iosephinum-Marellianum


As a response to the resolution of the Third Congress of the Josephite-Marellian Lay on February 2009, the OSJ Philippine Province took the initiative to gather all Josephite male organizations. This new group is called Custos.

Basically, there are two groups that have been established in a number of the parishes administered by the Congregation: the Josefinos and the Men of St. Joseph.


It is an organization of men devoted to our patron and patriarch, St. Joseph. They sustain their devotion to St. Joseph by promoting and serving the interests of Jesus through attending masses, novena prayers, regular monthly gatherings and meetings, and by being role models to the youth in their respective families, parishes and society.

They are present in the following parishes: Most Holy Rosary Parish, Padre Garcia; Nuestra Señora del Rosario, Rosario; and St. Joseph the Patriarch Parish, San Jose.

Men of St. Joseph

The Men of St. Joseph came about as a result of a challenge made by then parochial vicar of Santuario de San Jose, Fr. Francis Siguan, to all the male parishioners to form a “deeply involved association of unconditionally committed men of the parish with St. Joseph as their patron saint model”.

There were 15 men who banded themselves and regularly met to drawn up the organization’s charter leading up to the organization’s inauguration on September 1, 1982 with 29 members signing the documents.

Through the years, many people have come and gone and the organization itself has had its ups and downs. However, in preparation for 40th anniversary of the Canonical Erection of Santuario de San Jose as a Parish (1967), its Parish priest , Rev. Fr. Noel Magtaas, OSJ, saw it fit to revive, regroup, and reawaken this unique association of men to actively propagate the devotion to St. Joseph. More so, they work towards creating a desire to pursue a better understanding of the virtue of St. Joseph and striving to follow in his footstep towards having a deeply spiritual life.


Oblates of St. Joseph Provincialate
Santuario de San Jose
Duke cor Buffalo Streets
(02) 584 9668