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On the 125th Death Anniversary
of St. Joseph Marello

As we celebrate the 125 years of Marello’s birth in heaven, we retrace the paths of his journey towards perfection and holiness. It is indeed something to celebrate because God called us to be with Him in glory. Let this momentous event be a grace and challenge for us to imitate his “sanctity in little things’. We journey together knowing our revered Founder Marello from the Brief Memories written by his predecessor Fr. Giovanni Cortona, from the very beginning to the growth of our Congregation. Let us be joyful then, because he is counted in the communion of saints- praying for us his devoted children. As his children, let us then adhere to his thought “Being joyful and witty by nature in a holy way, he wanted his sons to leave behind all sadness, the enemy of sanctity, to serve the Lord with a holy freedom of spirit.” Despite of the uncertainties and sadness we experience these days of pandemic, we still rejoice because Marello there in heaven is presenting us joyfully to our Great Patriarch- “These are my sons and yours, sons who seek the glory of Christ their Redeemer and the salvation of souls.” (Preface of the Brief Memories)

Then remembering his life, together as a community will bring us joy that God alone can satisfy the deep longings of our heart. Marello, as we know it, he was a man of prayer. This marked his life as a saint- he has a profound intimacy and trust in God. He preached and did it. My dear confreres of St.Joseph Province-let us continue being men of prayer and let us share these joy of being as such by doing good and being kind to one another. Our Holy Founder tells us- “I rejoice that spiritual joy is still flourishing among St. Joseph’s sons… Away with scruples. They are the blight, I say the blight of the spiritual life. Stifle every fancy from the start. Do not turn back to retrace your steps. Do not run too far ahead, nor stop too long to see whether the step was well taken. Have confidence in God, who is near to correct our mistakes, unavoidable as they are in spite of the best intentions in the world.”

Though the government keeps on reminding us on social distancing—but Brothers let us not alienate ourselves from the source and font of who we are as Oblates and deepen the truths of being Marello’s sons. Reading these Brief Memories of our Founder we will come to appreciate that He was close to the people during his time. When he left Asti to go to Acqui, Bishop Ronco wrote about him in this regard “...he is a blessing lost to Asti and gained by Acqui. His life is an untiring practice of holy virtues, of zeal for the glory of God and the salvation of souls, and of charitable works for the poor. May we also foster concern and respond to the needy during this period of crisis. Think of thousand ways of serving Jesus’ interests and surely we will also be taking the same paths of holiness that our Founder had trod.

Read these memories with great affinity to Marello. These memories will arouse in everyone the desire to imitate him and return the spirit of kindliness, charity, piety and untiring zeal which were his life. I chose significant chapters for us to be guided accordingly during this time of preparation for his feast (either Triduum or Novena) and deepen our understanding of these remarkable events of his life (Click on the Chapter headings to read online).

Chapter 1 (1844-1867): Birth of Joseph Marello. Move to San Martino Alfieri. He feels called to the priesthood and enters the seminary. He leaves his seminary studies and undertakes a business course. His behavior during this time. His miraculous recovery. His return to seminary studies.

Chapter 3 (1877-1879): Marello’s idea of founding the congregation. Consultation of authoritative and devout priests who approve his plan. First brothers and establishment of the congregation in the Michelerio Charitable Institute. Extreme poverty and their dress. Instructions on the imitation of St. Joseph and his principal teachings. The brothers’ activities. First investiture with the religious habit.

Chapter 10 (1889-1895): Bishop Marello’s pastoral life. Edifying examples. His physical-moral description.

Chapter 12 (1895): Bishop Marello again attends the Feast of Our Lady of Salve in Alexandria. He goes to Savona. His holy death. Solemn funeral services.

Chapter 13: The congregation’s growth after Bishop Marello’s death. The father’s spiritual testament to his children. Conclusion.

Today more than ever, after 125 years his voice rings from beyond the grave telling us the way we must take if we are truly his sons. May we heed to this invitation begging God to make us by His grace productive of all holy works and living the ideals of our Holy Founder. Happy Fiesta.

Continue being safe and be considerate to one another by staying at home. We pray for one another.

Affectionately Yours,

Rev. Fr. Jayson DC. Endaya, OSJ
Provincial Superior