Sta. Maria, Isabela

The St. Joseph House of Spirituality is located in Calamagui West, Sta. Maria, Isabela.

This is a house of prayer, renewal and spiritual enrichment. It caters to spiritual activities such as retreats, recollections, conferences, prayer and renewal workshops like marriage encounters, religious seminars and the like.

It is equipped with two dormitories. The Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel houses the relics of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Joseph MarelloMarello. There is also an adequate conference room and dining area.

There are also other amenities such as life size "Way of the Cross" and the Holy Tomb of Jesus Chapel on top of the hill. There is also a four-bedroom kiosk called "Galilee" in a small man-made lake.

The retreat house is owned by a benefactor of the Oblates of St. Joseph, Mr. and Mrs. Hilario and Sofia Pagauitan and their children: Isaac Hilario, Michael Abraham and Sofia Anne Clare. It is a gift of love to their late daughter, Maria Lourdes. The Pagauitan family entrusted the Province to administer this house of spirituality.

At present, the St. Jouse House of Spirituality is ably supervised by Rev.Fr. Nelson Osorio, OSJ.

St. Joseph House of Spirituality
Barangay Calamagui
Sta. Maria, Isabela